SabreLight - shares the top three teams he played for TI11

There is just a little over a month until the International 11 (TI11) begins, and Dota 2 players and personalities have started predicting the teams that will outperform others. On OG’s Monkey Business Podcast Episode 37, TSM offlaner Jonáš “SabeRLight-” Volek, who will also participate in TI11, discussed his predictions for the teams that are likely to finish in the top three. Besides choosing safe bets for the top three, SabeRLight- also considered some underdog teams that will come through the last chance qualifier which is scheduled just a few days before the main tournament.

SabeRLight- feels PSG.LGD will once again make it to a TI final

As part of OG’s Monkey Business podcast with its CEO JMR Luna, SabeRLight- listed some teams that would be difficult to beat at TI11. According to him, both Team Spirit and OG are going to be tough opponents for all the teams including his own which makes them strong contenders for the top three spots. Moreover, SabeRLight- believes in PSG.LGD is likely to reach the grand final once again this year. 

“I think, everybody, including us, is going to be looking at Team Spirit and OG, for sure because winning tournaments is one thing but winning TIs is another. So, I think every team that has won TI is a very serious contender. I think both Spirit and OG are going to be super scary at TI. And as per usual, I believe LGD is going to make the top two, and then it’s gonna depend on whether the team with them in the finals is going to beat them or not. I think these three teams.”

It has been an all-around great year for Spirit, OG, and PSG.LGD, with the tournament, wins under their belts.

Spirit, OG, and PSG.LGD is the safer pick, but as for the dark horses, SabeRLight- added that consistently strong teams like Beastcoast should not be considered, since they often falter against the top four teams at TI11. However, SabeRLight- did emphasize that the teams that win the last chance qualifier might be able to present the Cinderella story at TI11.

“I think if anyone, it’s gonna be one of the teams that qualify now, through the qualifiers or the last chance. I think the team that’s gonna win the last chance qualifier is going to be a serious contender. Their momentum coming into the tournament is going to be way higher than anyone else’s so one or two teams who qualify through the last chance are going to do very well at TI.”

On the other hand, the two teams that make it through the last chance qualifier will have to face opponents (group stage teams) at TI that shall be prepared for them.

The last chance qualifiers will take place in Singapore from 8th to 12th Oct before the commencement of TI1 on 15th Oct with the group stage. Out of the 12 teams competing in the qualifier, only two will advance to the TI11 group stage.